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Asbestos Exposure

The Bongiorno Law Firm represents victims of injury due to asbestos exposure

Injured due to Asbestos Exposure in New York?

Millions of workers have died or have become seriously ill from ASBESTOS EXPOSURE. Asbestos exposure has been linked to MESOTHELIOMA, ASBESTOSIS, LUNG CANCER, and other deadly diseases.

Mostly between 1930 and 1980, workers in various trades and industries were breathing in ASBESTOS fibers that became trapped in their airways and lung tissue. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, workers in shipyards and power plants, automotive workers, pipefitters, boiler mechanics, roofers, masons, sandblasters, riggers, railroad workers, demolition workers, and longshoremen have had the most exposure to ASBESTOS. Those in the Navy between World War 2 and the Korean War had extreme exposure to ASBESTOS.

Often symptoms do not appear until twenty to forty years after exposure. Spouses and family members have also become seriously ill as they were often exposed to ASBESTOS fibers when coming into contact with the clothes of the worker.

Some makers of ASBESTOS and ASBESTOS contained products and some companies that market them to the public knew of the dangers to a person’s health. Sadly,  workers were allowed to work with ASBESTOS day in and day out, unprotected, and unaware of the dangers. Many companies have been sued and held accountable to the victims and their families who have recovered tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits against them.

If a lawsuit is not brought within the set time limit, the victim and their family will lose the right to sue. If you or a loved one has been exposed to ASBESTOS or if any additional information is needed regarding this matter the attorneys at The Bongiorno Law Firm are available to assist you. ABSOLUTELY NO FEE UNLESS WE RECOVER MONEY FOR YOU!!!

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