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Child Abuse Survivors: Were you sexually abused as a child?

If you were sexually abused as a child, your word is enough to bring a claim. Even if it was decades ago, you can file a suit as a child abuse survivor, but time is limited under the Child Victims Act. Click Here For More Information

Finally, it is widely known and understood that millions of children and adolescents have been sexually abused by:

  • Priests, rabbis, and clergy-members
  • Teachers,
  • Doctors
  • Healthcare workers
  • School employees
  • Private boarding schools
  • Athletic coaches and trainers
  • Youth groups
  • Foster care agencies
  • Adolescent group homes
  • Juvenile diversion programs
  • Scoutmasters
  • Numerous others in positions of power and trust

It is well documented that sexual abuse is often repressed and can go for far too long before a survivor is emotionally capable of coming forward with their story, ESPECIALLY when the victim involved is a child. Often survivors feel ashamed, powerless, humiliated, embarrassed, and blame themselves, even though they were the victims of horrible acts of abuse. This is especially true because most were children at the time of the abuse. Thanks to the Child Victims Act (CVA), people who have been sexually abused as children whose claims had previously been barred by the statute of limitations now have a one year window (to AUGUST 14, 2021 ) in which to bring their claim.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of Child Sexual Abuse CALL NOW 1-800-348-5724 and have a Child Sex abuse attorney at our firm help you. For immediate assistance call now or please complete our EASY FORM to contact us via email. You will remain anonymous and safe.

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