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Children Poisoned By Laundry Pods

Children Poisoned By Laundry Pods

Laundry Pods are DANGEROUS!

Children Poisoned By Laundry Pods! Laundry pods are colorful and look like enticing toys, candy, or a dessert, deceptively luring unsuspecting children and mentally infirm to put them into their mouths. Biting and swallowing any of the highly concentrated detergent packets, however, can cause serious, life-threatening injuries.
According to the American Association of Poison Control Center, there have been 6,046 child poisoning incidents involving the laundry pods reported so far this year. Children under the age of 6 have unknowingly ingested or inhaled these highly concentrated single-load liquid laundry detergent packets, leading to serious health injuries such as severe vomiting, extreme breathing difficulties, chemical burns, and depression of the central nervous system.
Recently, Consumer Reports announced that it would not recommend laundry pods containing liquid detergent to consumers due to the product’s hazardous risks.

Consumer Reports stated:

“Given the continued danger, we have made the decision not to include pods on our list of recommended products and, we strongly urge households where children younger than 6 are ever present to skip them altogether,”

We agree. Companies that make detergent pods should seek to reduce and eliminate the widespread poisoning danger to children across America by changing the products’ formulations to make them less harmful, and by selling the pods exclusively in childproof containers.
Contact The Bongiorno Law Firm Toll-Free: 1-800-348-5724 If your child has suffered a serious injury from a laundry pod, The Bongiorno Law Firm can provide answers to your legal questions. We will inform you of the legal rights you and your child possess, including potential claims for damages against the manufacturer for your child’s pain and suffering. We will seek to recover any past and future medical expenses.

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