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Are you in need of Criminal Defense?

The Bongiorno Law firm has vigorously defended clients in Federal and State criminal prosecutions in some of the most notorious cases. Criminal Defense clients accused of organized crime, homicide, bank robberies, assault, white-collar crimes, sex offenses, DWI, and many others, have retained The Bongiorno Law Firm.  To defend them and to prevent the abuse of prosecutorial power. Many clients are recommended to us by other attorneys.

The list of clients includes rap artists, movie actors/producers, lawyers, corporate executives, law enforcement, union officials, brokers, doctors, teachers, contractors, etc.

The founding partner, Peter C Bongiorno Esq. has presented such persuasive legal arguments that he has sparked change in existing laws. In one criminal case, Mr. Bongiorno defended his client with such a compelling argument that he convinced the jury to find his client not guilty after only one minute of jury deliberation. That one minute period of deliberation is believed to be the shortest verdict in the history of any New York court.

In addition, Mr. Bongiorno had a murder conviction overturned on appeal. His arguments ignited changes in the way every criminal case is tried in New York State, to further ensure a fair trial for the accused.

Mr. Bongiorno has appeared numerous times on national television and radio. His comments, opinions, and expertise have also been published in several newspapers.

Peter C Bongiorno, a University professor of law, has lectured many times to other attorneys teaching trial techniques, trial skills, and educating them on complex areas of law.

If you are in need of Criminal Defense, CALL NOW 1-800-348-5724 and have a Criminal Defense lawyer at our firm consult with you. For immediate assistance call now or complete the easy online form. Hablamos español llame a 1-866-44AYUDA (442-9832)