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Have you been injured by a Dog Bite personal injury?

If you suffer a dog bite personal injury, it is critical that you attempt to identify the dog, the dog’s owner, and where the location of the property where it is being harbored.

Make sure you get medical attention for your injuries and follow all of your doctor’s medical advice. Keep track of all of your expenses.

If a dog bites you, gather all of the information that you can regarding its owner and contact The Bongiorno Law Firm immediately.

The Law In New York Regarding Dog Bites:

In New York, for you to receive compensation for your injuries, you will have to establish certain facts. An owner of a dog could absolutely be responsible for the injuries you suffered by a dog bite if the owner knew or should have known that the dog in question had vicious propensities, meaning that the dog previously bit or attacked someone else.

Witnesses with information concerning prior attacks, bites, or other vicious behavior of the dog are critical.  Local Health Departments may also have records and complaints about a dog’s previous bites or attacks.

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