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Pool Filter Explosions

Pool Filter Explosions: Do you have a bomb in your backyard??

Many of you may be thinking of getting your back yard pool open and ready for the dog days of summer. What many of you may not realize is that the filter system is a potentially dangerous and hazardous device that can cause serious personal injuries and even death if not properly cared for. Over the years, going as far back as the sixties, canister or dome style filters that consist of two halves or shells, one which sits on top of the other, have been involved in hundreds of accidents.

These filters work under tremendous pressure within a sealed environment to clean your pool. Under normal operating conditions, excess pressure is released via an air relief valve. However, during maintenance or cleaning, air can build up and become trapped under the dome due to conditions including defective or clogged air relief valves or defective clamps which hold the two halves together.

Separation accidents occur when the homeowner (or even the pool service technician), pressurizes the system after maintenance by simply turning the power on. Without a way for excess air to escape, the top half of the filter violently separates or explodes from the bottom as the trapped air builds and has no place to go.

The force generated by these explosions can be extremely significant and violent and propel the top half of the filter like a rocket hundreds of feet into the air. Anyone in its path can be seriously injured and even deaths have occurred.

What is outrageous about these accidents is that the filter industry has known about these dangers for years, but has continued to mass-produce this filter style for years. The Bongiorno Law firm strives for safer products and to protect unsuspecting homeowners from the devastating injuries occurring from these accidents.

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