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Have you been injured in a trip and fall accident?

In this area, The Bongiorno Law Firm has been successful in obtaining several millions of dollars for our clients.

There are many ways that these types of accidents happen. Most of the time, they are preventable. They occur in public areas that fall under Premises Liability, or they happen in the workplace. Like at an office or construction site. The owner of the premises may be at least partially liable if you trip/slip and fall and get injured in the workplace. As most of the time, the defects, and dangerous conditions are the result of negligence on the part of the property owner. Here are some of the most common ways that these accidents happen:

  • Obstructed view- A good example of this type of preventable accident would be stairs that have carpeting with the same color as all of the other carpeting around it. Thus making it difficult to differentiate between the two and causing a trip and fall accident.
  • Poor lighting- Dark corridors or stairways are a very common cause of trip and fall accidents. Stairs and corridors should be well lit and is the responsibility of the property owner or business owner to ensure that they are.
  • Clutter in your way- As you go about your day to day work duties, you should be able to move around in a safe environment, free of clutter and debris. Unsafe work or building conditions, where clutter and debris exist, are not only a safety violation but are a primary cause for trip and fall injuries.
  • Wrinkled carpeting- Poorly installed carpeting is one of the leading causes of trip and fall injuries. If a carpet is poorly installed, most likely it will end up with wrinkled parts that could become a tripping hazard.
  • Uncovered cables- Power cables, computer cables, and tv cables are very easy to trip on. As a rule, your home or workplace should be free of exposed wires that can cause a tripping hazard. Even temporary cables should be clearly marked with caution signs or placed off the ground wherever possible.
  • Uneven steps or walking surfaces- Sidewalks with tree roots that have raised the concrete to an uneven level. Poorly constructed stairs that have variations in tread and riser height. Irregular slopes in walkways and sudden inclines and declines are very dangerous and a common cause of trip and fall injury.
  • Human error- Leaving the bottom drawer open on a file cabinet is a common human error that can cause severe personal injury. There are countless other ways human error can cause a trip and fall.
  • Failure to warn of hazards.
  • Failure to clean or remove slippery conditions on walkways.

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